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About ArticSoft Technologies

  • Open PGP data protection specialists
  • 50 years IT security and data protection  experience
  • Security advisors to UK Government, European commission, and various Fortune 100 companies
  • Recognized contributor of standards in the information security industry
  • Represented on International security standards committees
  • Great customer satisfaction record

Our Mission

ArticSoft Technologies has one goal... providing low cost, high quality, government strength, easy to use, PGP compatible, encryption and digital signature software.  Our OpenPGP data protection software is designed for business users, not technologists.  The Internet is a great tool for sharing information.  Our PGP compatible data protection software ensures that you can achieve this in a secure manner regardless of what it is and where it resides.

The Company

ArticSoft Technologies have over 50 years experience in the field of data protection, and 35 years experience of securing information on personal computers and messaging systems.  ArticSoft are represented on national and international standards committees on security methods and techniques, open trade messaging and data management and have staff listed by CESG, the UK national security agency of government.

Senior management include authors of ISO/IEC 17799 (formerly BS7799) amongst other international security standards and contribute to standards development.  We provide security advice to the European commission, the UK Government and an impressive range of globally based Fortune 100 companies.  ArticSoft Technologies regularly lectures on risk management, PKI, data protection, information security management and secure e-business implementation.

Our development team has significant experience (30+ years) developing high quality and reliable security software, PGP compatible encryption software, and PKI data protection  products using both the latest and proven technologies.

Our support team prides itself on customer service and has significant security experience in PGP encryption, PKI and data protection.

Globally based, ArticSoft Technologies prides itself on strong customer service both in response to how it develops its Open PGP data protection products and how it supports them.

Our Commitment to Data Protection & Internet Security

ArticSoft Technologies are dedicated in our mission to secure the Internet.  As a very visible part of this commitment we provide unique FREE PGP compatible reader software to help achieve this goal.  Our professional commitments include memberships of recognized Internet fraud prevention schemes.

We are also committed to developing and furthering international standards in data protection, data management and interchange.



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