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FileAssurity Open PGP Enterprise - Benefits

Operate your own Certificate Authority, control the use of encryption and digital signature services by users in your organization, prevent secure deletion of files, recover encrypted information (under proper authority), provide true group encryption, and revocate users when necessary.

Benefits of using Open PGP Enterprise

  • No need for complex or expensive PKI structures - saving you time and money
  • Have an information security program that is actually easy to operate and does not require complex user understanding and training before implementation
  • Achieve quick compliance with all current privacy and governance legislation such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, Gramm Leach Bliley, California Act, European Data Protection Directive
  • Be able to interoperate immediately in the most secure manner with the biggest secure community in the world - the OpenPGP community, covering many of your stakeholders
  • Be in charge of your own administration - generate and issue your own keys to both staff and customers or business associates, or use ones from another source, just as you choose, and apply policies appropriate to the situation
  • Communicate securely with customers without any additional cost to your customers to receive information
  • Allow users to work at the desktop, from a laptop, or using a home PC at any time with no additional licensing or restrictions
  • Simple implementation allows you to achieve short term benefits using well implemented well tried technologies, methods, and techniques
  • Increased functionality over competitor products and at a lower cost  - group encryption, identity renewal, etc.



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Benefits of using PGP enterprise to centrally manage pgp clients