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FileAssurity Open PGP Enterprise - Screenshots

Control FileAssurity Open PGP Security clients from a single point.   Create policy rules that determine who can encrypt, digitally sign, and securely delete files.   Instantly recover data, and revocate users when necessary.

Central Administration program

Here you can configure and issue user keystores. This includes what keys they contain, what policy rules are applied, and whether information recovery keys are in use.    Keystores can be issued in batch (multiple) and manual (single) modes depending on whether you want to update a single user's keystore or many user's keystores.   Keystores can also be re-issued should you wish to change policy rules, key expiration dates, add new keys, etc.

pgp enterprise

Policy Editor

You can completely control the use of keys in a users keystore by allowing or disallowing use of certain types of keys.

pgp central administrator

Information Recovery

The information recovery feature of   FileAssurity Open PGP Enterprise is a quick and simple procedure that enables two administrators to recover the main Administrator password (the password that accesses the Master Keystore) and to perform recovery of encrypted files and secure text.

pgp information recovery

Simple Installation

FileAssurity Open PGP Enterprise requires the use of an SQL database for storing user information and keystores (held in encrypted format).   A simple wizard takes you through the process of installing FileAssurity Open PGP Enterprise and talking to the database.

pgp administration



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PGP enterprise screenshots - centrally managing pgp encryption