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Support for ArticSoft PGP compatible software

Our Open PGP products are designed to work 'straight out of the box'.   You do not need professional services or implementation consulting to go live in 20 minutes.   We are so confident in the quality of our Open PGP products that we do not charge extra per incident for problem solving.   Compare that to the competition and figure out for yourself who gives you the best ROI...

Email ArticSoft pgp
support support@articsoft.com

Support hours are 8am to 6pm EST

Purchased Products

Provided you have purchased a support contract with ourselves, you will be entitled to receive email support in the first calendar year following purchase of a product. Support requests will be acknowledged within 2 business days from the time of receipt.   Where possible, a workaround or a fix will be proposed within 5 business days.   Where reasonable for the version of the product showing the fault, a maintenance correction will be scheduled and the customer notified by e-mail at their registered address when that correction is available for download.

The customer must specify fully their contact details and the environment of their PC.   An e-mail address will not be sufficient. Where environment changes frequently or the support requests are, in the opinion of ArticSoft, inconsistent with the number of desktop support contracts taken by the customer, ArticSoft retains the right to suspend the maintenance agreement in force and to refuse to extend or renew a maintenance agreement.

The customer registering for this service as a server customer must specify fully their contact details, the operating system, web server and web content management system together with methods of page handling in use.   The customer is responsible for having adequately tested that the declared configuration works substantially without error before going live with any system used to deliver services (whether commercial or not) for which they could have an attaching liability, since ArticSoft do not warrant their products as fit for any specific purpose.


Timescales are indicative of the expected response time, but ArticSoft do not guarantee to provide a solution to a problem in these timescales, or to resolve a problem with a particular version of our products.

All support contracts last for 1 year from date of purchase.

Support Services ArticSoft does not provide

ArticSoft products make use of the strongest commercially available encryption technologies.   They have not been developed to provide key escrow services, key recovery or to support methods of access that bypass the controls that have been put in place to protect user confidential information.

As a result, ArticSoft is not able to provide services to recover lost passwords, regenerate keys that have been deleted or corrupted, obtain entry to keystores where the password has been forgotten or decrypt information that has been encrypted.

Freeware and Reader Products

We do not provide support for our freeware or reader products.   Please feel free to inform us of any bug-related issues and we will endeavor to provide a fix in the next product update.



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Support for ArticSoft PGP compatible data encryption software