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FileAssurity Secure Deletion - Permanently  Delete Files

Whether you want to secure delete files, a folder, or the entire contents of your hard disk then FileAssurity Open PGP Secure Deletion ensures your files and data cannot be recovered even by specialist recovery tools.   Permanently delete files beyond recovery.

Windows File Deletion

When you delete files in Windows by moving them into the Windows Recycle Bin all the data remains on your hard disk. When you delete files from the Recycle bin then you are still not permanently deleting your data!   All that is removed is an entry in a directory telling the file system where your data is stored.   Utilities like Norton's Disk Doctor can easily be used to undelete and view your files.

FileAssurity's Secure Deletion

FileAssurity's Secure Deletion enables you to permanently delete files.   It ensures your files, folders and data are permanently  deleted in one easy step beyond the US Government DOD 5220.22-M standard.   During the secure delete process, files are securely wiped (written over multiple times) and then deleted, ensuring your data is removed without the possibility of software or hardware-based data recovery.   FileAssurity's Secure Deletion  performs a write and wipe cycle 15 times for each file compared to the 3-9 times specified by the US Government DOD 5220.22-M standard.

In addition, to permanently delete files, FileAssurity's  Secure Deletion  carries out a number of extra processes in order to defeat programs manipulating the NTFS file system as a means of file recovery (for example, File Scavenger).   It will securely delete files beyond recovery.

FileAssurity Secure Deletion features

  • Secure delete  files and folders - permanently delete files
  • Secure wipe facility - 15 times wipe cycle
  • Supports FAT32 and NTFS file systems
  • Supports removable media drives
  • Defeats file recovery programs
  • Works with Windows recycle bin

Secure Deletion Software that is easy to use

With the FileAssurity secure delete file facility you can quickly, easily, and permanently delete old, temporary and unwanted files from your PC in one easy step.   Complete disks can be permanently deleted  by selecting multiple files and folders for secure deletion.

To permanently delete files:

1.   Select the folders and files you want to securely delete in Windows Explorer.

2.   Right-click and select 'Secure delete' from the resulting pop-up menu.

3.   FileAssurity will show you the files you have selected to permanently delete and ask you to confirm the operation.

secure deletion 

4.   On confirmation your files are permanently  deleted beyond recovery.




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Secure delete - permanently delete files with FileAssurity Secure Deletion