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ArticSoft Open PGP customers

From banks to beverage businesses, government agencies to covered entities, educational institutions to energy suppliers, aerospace to manufacturing, our customers have one thing in common - they saved money and time by implementing ArticSoft solutions.   Just like them you can benefit by joining us - read our customer testimonials to find out more.

Below is just a selection of companies that have benefitted from using ArticSoft Open PGP software.

Samaritan Hospital     JP Morgan Chase

Wells Fargo Bank         Hewlett Packard         iBM           Bombay Company international

Lockheed Martin       Montauk Financial   

Thales Air Traffic Management   Banesco   Rogers Group inc.   BMW

        Answer Financial       Veritude         Trimac Information Services  

Bayaud   RCi  

COSCO iCiCi Bank   Hibernia Bank  

Air international Boeing   Kroger   Electronic Arts  

United Retail Group inc.     irish Gas SAS

Texas instruments Sadisco

Lockheed Martin   MBNA Nestle Purina

Northcliffe Newspapers         Motorola  

Pan American Life     Sun Life
Financial   invesco

Key Risk       Muskogee Regional Medical Center       Michigan Public Health institute  

Serena   Learning.com     Honeywell

Singapore Post       CKE Restaurants       Capgemini

University of California Rabobank       Hill Health Center

National Bank of Kuwait       Singapore
Power         Alliant Credit Union  

DocuTAP       Data Group       Siemans

American State Bank     American Owners & Pilots Association


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ArticSoft Open PGP, data security, email & file  encryption customers