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Aerospace Industry and Data Security

ArticSoft Products provide you with the following benefits:

  • Complete confidentiality
  • Removes potential liability for disclosure
  • Certainty information came from you
  • Prevents viruses and hacking attacks
  • Proof of source of documents
  • Government strength security
  • Quarter of the cost of PGP alternatives
  • Interoperates with PGP and GnuPGP

Aerospace has, largely as a result of many connections with the military over the development, developed a sophisticated approach to ensuring confidentiality of information, not merely in its dealings with the military and defence sectors, but with suppliers and other business associates.

Requirements for confidentiality can be complex. Some of them are governed by national regulations, and use encryption algorithms mandated by their national security agency.   Others require the use of products that have been specifically approved for use, either because they have been approved by the national security agency or because they incorporate specific devices.

For some time, the OpenPGP standard has been considered to give an adequate level of resistance to attack or compromise for protecting information that is not considered to be 'secret' and there have been specific implementations of products using algorithms within those supported by the OpenPGP standard that have been approved.

Increasingly, there are requirements to raise the general level of security of information being exchanged within and across the industry. Apart from the specific requirements set by healthcare legislation such as HIPAA, there has been a general heightening of awareness that many communications other than those of an obviously military background should receive more security than is currently applied.

The significant growth of the use of e-mail as the transmission method of choice (replacing what are now realized to be more secure traditional systems such as courier or postal service) are exposing much confidential material by simply passing it over the Internet. Until very recently, when it became apparent to the majority of management and users, that e-mail is not secure and is open to internal and external compromise, there was the assumption that the chance of internal information going astray or to the wrong destination was very low and would not matter. Now that it is clear that e-mail services can be compromised, whole address books stolen and Internet traffic monitored, greater care has to be taken.

Because aerospace were early users of security systems, they have already invested heavily in OpenPGP and PGP solutions because, for many years, they were the only commercially available products and solutions available.

Also, in many aspects of procurement, US governmental agencies use the PGP format for sending purchase orders to approved suppliers, further reinforcing the need to use OpenPGP compliant products in order to do effective business with the single biggest source of business in the economy.   That doesn't just apply in the USA, but is true in many aerospace industries around the world. In fact, aerospace may be the largest non-governmental sector to implement OpenPGP solutions.

The net result is that it is often much simpler to extend the reach of the OpenPGP architecture, simply because most of the organizations and individuals that are being interacted with already have experience of using that technology or will find it more convenient to implement that class of technology in order to interoperate readily with the greater community of secure users.

ArticSoft FileAssurity OpenPGP offers aerospace users interoperability with all versions of PGP from 5.3 onwards, as well as GnuPGP.   The FileAssurity family of products deliver simpler interfaces and extended functionality, making them easy for new users to understand and implement effectively - at a cost that is up to a quarter of the price of the competition!



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Data security for the Aerospace industry using OpenPGP encryption