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Customer Testimonials for our Open PGP products

Don't take our word for it, read what our customers have to say about us...

As I have said numerous times to peers, friends and colleagues, FileAssurity OpenPGP works.   Right out of the box, it works.   That's a rarity in the computer industry, these days.  
Richard Winters, President, BMI

With over 25 years experience in computer programming, networking, and system administration, and 22 years as the owner of a Healthcare debt collection company, I can speak with authority when I say that ArticSoft is the best PGP security product I have used and I am recommending it to all of my Healthcare clients.   After testing your Open PGP products and comparing them to others on the market I am completely sold on ArticSoft.   Your products are very reasonably priced, extremely easy to install, and are incredibly easy to use.   Any highly regulated industry where security and privacy are an issue should try your products before purchasing anything else.   Your products allow secure communication between the Healthcare business office, physicians, patients, hospitals, and vendors.   With HIPAA, ArticSoft products are essential security tools that no Healthcare practice should be without.   I'll be purchasing more soon.   Thanks for the great PGP products!   You made my life much easier.  
Ray Beaulieu, President, Accelerated Collection Systems Inc

I run a small network and security practice that offers support (remote and onsite) as well as implementation and consultation.  I'm frequently required to send clients configuration information that I would never want to be readable in clear text.   I love your pgp client.   All of my customers love it as well.   It's extremely easy to encrypt and decrypt text (for input into email) as well as to encrypt/decrypt attachments.   Some of my engineers live on webmail because they are always in the field.   Your client does not require pgp compatibility with an email client they can use their choice of client/configuration.   Additionally, my customer base is not always command line savvy.   I have also used gpg, but it is very difficult to walk an enduser for gpg configuration and encryption.   With your free PGP reader, I can provide a link for download and setup is very easy for all involved.   Finally, and this is my favourite feature, your client is fantastic for key management.   I love being able to easily backup and restore as well as to be able to group my targeted users to encrypt for.   It's really nice to be able to encrypt and email in one shot from your tool.   In any case, I love all of the features of your PGP product, and would only change the icons on the secure text editor to include words (more than rollover text) for icon-challenged people like myself.  
Heather Lewis, HLewis Network Consulting Corporation (HLNCC)

Thank you for your help with our recent issues with CLS.  I work daily with support personnel form many different vendors it was a pleasure working with you. Your answers and questions were to the point and timely.   I typically hate email support because issues take too long to resolve.   In the case of support with ArticSoft I have found that email support works extremely well.   Again I thank you for the excellent job you did, I could not ask for better support.
Rob Rochelle, Director of Technology, PMMC

I downloaded a copy of the 15 day trial of FileAssurity OpenPGP.   Having tried and failed miserably at using PGP  ver. 1-6, I finally gave up, because of the lack of, ease of use, front ends.   WOW! is all I can say to ease of use with FileAssurity OpenPGP.   I thought maybe I had made a mistake or something.  It's too easy to use.   Great job in that arena.  
Richard W. Winters, President, Barnabas Ministries Int'l (BMI)

I've been a registered user of FileAssurity Open PGP for over a month and love the program.   Your support is excellent.   Keep up the good work.
Bruce Pettit

I worked for the last six years in IBM Microelectronics Digital Video Products customer support.   I served some of IBM's largest Microelectronic accounts and I prided myself on good customer support and fast turn-around time.   However, I believe that Tim has now shown me a few things about fast turn-around time and GREAT customer support.   I found a couple of what I called problems in your software and I reported them.   Sometimes I would get an answer from Tim before I could even turn around and answer the phone that was ringing in my office.  I actually had his fast turn-around time witnessed here by one of the other engineers who was in my office working on some electronic circuit problems.   As Tim's note came back with the response, my friend literally said, " Wow!" .   I wanted you to know that Tim has put your entire company in a great light here in my area in IBM.   He has made it so that I am beginning to wish that Articsoft made and sold and supported everything that I buy at my house, too. You guys don't sell and support cars, do you?  
Joe Underwood, IBM Technology & Engineering Services

As is my habit before recommending software, I found a reason to contact ArticSoft's tech support, as much to test their willingness as anything else. Not only was the response prompt, courteous and detailed, but their follow up convinced me I had made the right choice.   In putting this chapter together I had numerous queries for them and every one was answered with an obvious knowledge of the product, the needs of users, and a willingness to assist. This is very evidently a company with a customer-centric culture. 
Bill Hely, The Hacker's Nightmare

Thank you so much for your excellent support. I am glad I chose ArticSoft for our PGP software.  
Roger Rudenstein, Osram Sylvania, Inc

I love your PGP product, especially for key management.
Heather Lewis, HLNCC

I want to thank you and your peers for the efforts you have made on my behalf to make FileAssurity OpenPGP to work and for your assistance in registering your product.  It is great to deal with a company that employs such fine, kind people who make the process of fixing glitches pleasant instead of torture.  Again, thank you so much. Truly,
Charles W Armstrong

Thank you for the very quick and informative response to my query.  I am a new ArticSoft customer and am evaluating your product and support for one of my clients.   This has been a very satisfactory experience.   The rapidity of your response is truly amazing and quite refreshing.  
Patrick Langford, The Tiger Group

Thanks for your quick response to my notes and your help with my third party.   Your customer service was excellent!   I felt that you had a good PGP product that was easy to use.
Mark North, Canadian Tire

I just browsed your online manual for FileAssurity OpenPGP.   I think you've written a very user-friendly and well organized manual.   I was able to find answers to the various questions I had about how one would use the software very quickly.   I am quite impressed.   Your PGP product is simple to use, an extremely versatile tool and extremely cost effective.  Also, your white papers on security & encryption are also quite useful and very readable for someone with little prior experience in those fields.   Kudos to your team.  
Steven J Pierce, Privacy Officer, Michigan Public Health Institute

Murder trying to look for decent PGP encryption programs.   When I saw your page I thought wow, this is the one. :) Thanks for the prompt reply.  
Jim Logan

I contacted ArticSoft support for help with an archive problem when trying out FileAssurity Open PGP.   I was impressed with timely replies to my questions and the patience of the support technician as he explained the way that FileAssurity functions.   Because of his cooperation and support I placed an order for the complete program on a CD.   This was one of the best support experiences I have had with a software company.  Using e-mail allowed us to communicate without me being held on hold for an extended period of time.   As I do with telephone based support services.  Thanks for the help.  
Bennie L. Crane

Excellent -- works great.   Thanks for your quick response and knowledgeable answers.   I am very happy with your PGP software.
John Lee, Lee Webs

I have had some technical questions about Articsoft that have been not only answered, but answered with additional comments and help in a manner far exceeding what is normally given.   Many thanks,
Tim Nash

Thanks for your prompt response to my inquiry.   It was a pleasure to do business with a company with such great customer SERVICE.  
Brenda Holley, US Social Security Administration

I wish every company out there had the same feeling of responsibility and concern for the customer.  
Asle Kristofferson, Move Systems

What Service!   INCREDIBLE!   In all my years of business, I don't think I ever got this kind of service!   You have won a customer for life...I don't care the price, if I find what I need in your offerings I'm am buying from you guys! Thanks, incredible, really impressive!  
Jason Parker

FYI -  I was just online testing your " PGP  encryption software" from your website.   It looks to me you have a winner--good software key encryption.  Congratulations!  
Joe Rosenthal, Gig Harbor, WA

As an information security professional, I found some of your white papers particularly interesting and more importantly easy to understand.  
Arthur Aitken, Calanais

I am really impressed with your good collection of white papers relating to security.   Thanks n Regards.
Kalpagam U

My name is Nathan McGee and I am currently an MBA candidate at Eastern Illinois University doing research on PKI.   I just wanted you to know that your site is the most complete as far as presentation of materials and one of the easiest I've had the pleasure of using. 
Nathan McGee

Your Web site was the first of the PGP Web sites I visited that I had any idea of what I was reading -- good job!  
David L Alpert, President, Continuum Marketing Group LLC

I would like to commend your support staff for being so helpful.   Thanks.
J.L. Cogburn


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Customer Testimonials for ArticSoft Open PGP and data encryption products