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PKI PDF Security with Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Complete PKI PDF Security from LockLizard ensures your PDF files are kept under YOUR control.

Safeguard PDF Security from Locklizard protects your PDF documents and ebooks from unauthorized copying, printing and distribution.   Control how they are used, by whom, for how long and when.

Expire documents, instantly revoke documents, prevent screen grabs, and apply dynamic watermarks (user name, company name, date/time), all from one easy to use interface.

Lock documents to specific devices, control where they can be accessed from (i.e. a work location only), and enable viewing of protected PDF documents in a browser (works with any Operating System and device).

Locklizard Safeguard - PKI PDF Security with DRM controls

Protect your PDF documents and safeguard your company's revenue stream with Safeguard PDF Security.   Reach new markets and effortlessly gain additional revenues.

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Safeguard PDF Security was made specifically for publishers of high value information published in PDF format.  

It protects your PDF research documents, ebooks, and reports from unauthorized copying, sharing, modifying, printing (including how many times), screen grabbing, and saving, with US Government strength encryption and Digital Rights Management (DRM) controls.   Control who views your PDF documents where, and when, and for how long (days, months, years or forever).

There is no limit to the number of publications or documents you can securely protect or to the number of customers that can view these protected PDF documents.   You pay the same price regardless.

Subscription services

If you sell subscription services, its unique concept of publications ensures minimum administration overheads and enables you to effortlessly manage your customer base.   Time limited document expiry  ensures your customers keep coming back to purchase from you.

Fully customizable

Safeguard PDF Security can be fully customized with your own company information (logo and messages).

Quick setup

Fully hosted server options and import of existing customer data ensure that you can be up and running in less than 5 minutes.

Simple to use

Safeguard PDF Security is extremely easy to use - just right click on your PDF documents  in Windows Explorer to protect them and select the secure  document access rights.   You control who views your PDF documents, how long they can view them for, whether they can be printed (and how many times), whether they can be modified, copied, saved, etc.

A simple to use web-based administration system lets you control customer access to your secure PDF documents and you can revoke document access in real-time even after distribution.

Utmost Security

Safeguard PDF Security ensures the best security for you PDF files.   Unlike weak and unmanageable password mechanisms Lizard Safeguard PDF Security uses public key technology with strong AES 256 bit encryption and a real-time web based licensing system.   No insecure  plug-ins, passwords, or javascript are used, and documents are locked to individual computers ensuring they cannot be shared.

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PKI PDF Security with PDF DRM controls from LockLizard - PDF encryption and copy protection