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FileAssurity Open PGP Command Line

PGP compatible command line encryption

Automate the sending and receiving of PGP files without the complexity of entering command line parameters.  Effortlessly secure your files without any user intervention.  FileAssurity Open PGP Command Line supports unlimited users and keys (all for the same low price) and a simple to use Graphical User Interface (GUI) creates command line parameters and batch files for you.

pgp command line

PGP batch encryption without user intervention

1)   Protect and send sensitive files without user intervention.

2)  Easily integrate automated PGP encryption, decryption, digital signatures, verification, secure archiving, and secure file deletion into almost any business process without having to do any programming.

3)   Simplifies the integrating of encryption into applications or batch processes - no SDK required.

4)   Automatically FTP or email your secure files.

5)   Your critical data is always protected, never forgotten, or exposed to user errors.

6)   Non-technical staff can automate encryption and digital signature routines using the simple to use GUI .

7)   Files can be automatically securely wiped from the system when they are past their retention date.

PGP FTP - command line encryption with secure FTP

Built-in scheduling, key management, batch automation, FTP and email, group encryption, secure login, secure archives, secure file deletion, and auditing provide a powerful tool that is not only less expensive but has more features than the competition (McAfee E-Business Server, PGP command line, etc.).

PGP command line comparison

Based on OpenPGP (PGP, GnuPGP, etc.) and PKI standards it provides complete integration with existing systems and ensures you are not locked into any proprietary and incompatible technology.  FileAssurity Open PGP Command Line runs on the server of your choice - Windows, Linux and Unix versions are available.  Received files can be decrypted using PGP, GnuPGP or any other OpenPGP compliant software.

secure computing  "Overall this is a useful little application for automating the process of encrypting and sending files and will make a useful addition to a systems administrators toolset."   Secure Computing Magazine Review.

Open PGP Command Line Features

  • Automatic file encryption and file decryption
  • Digital signing and signature verification - see digital signatures
  • Secure file deletion beyond US Government DOD standards
  • Secure archives in .zip format
  • Easy to use - simple GUI creates command line parameters and batch files for you plus built-in test window, script editor with line numbering
  • Built-in FTP support - uploads and downloads files to and from servers, FTP rename, FTP delete and more
  • Built-in SMTP Email support - sends files securely by email, emails log files and error alerts
  • Schedule events to occur at any date and time + repeat events
  • Automatic file compression - encrypted files are smaller than originals
  • Encrypt files for multiple users and groups
  • Multiple commands can be executed at the same time
  • Comprehensive auditing of every action to log file(s) and the screen
  • Automatic secure logon for total unattended use
  • In-built key generator (PKI and PGP keys) - no need to purchase keys
  • In-built key manager - securely manage yours and others keys
  • Works with certificates issued by any Certificate Authority (CA)
  • Unique Trusted Authorities system automatically validates certificates
  • Works with any OpenPGP product - inc PGP v5.x + and GnuPGP 1.2.3 +
  • Strong US Government strength encryption - AES 256 bit
  • Free PGP reader - others can receive your protected information without having to purchase any software



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