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FileAssurity Open PGP FREE Reader software

Decrypt PGP and Open PGP files

ArticSoft believe that recipients should have the benefit of our full strength protection without having to pay for it.   Just like the post you don't have to pay to receive information in a secure and protected way.

Our Open PGP FREE Reader is a reduced functionality version of our Open PGP File Encryption  software that can be downloaded and used for FREE.  It enables anyone to decrypt pgp files and verify encrypted and digitally signed information (provided they have the correct decryption keys) without having to purchase any software.

What limitations does the Open PGP Free Reader software have?

People can only use FileAssurity Open PGP Free Reader to decrypt and verify information in Open PGP and PGP files.   It supports decryption of files encrypted with any of our Open PGP products, and files encrypted with PGP software.

The following functionality is not available:

  • Encryption of information
  • Digital Signing of information
  • Other main product features - e.g.  secure file deletion, Windows Explorer integration, etc.
  • Windows 7, 8  & 10 support is limited

The Open PGP Free Reader is  identical to our FileAssurity Open PGP Encryption software in all other aspects.   Full keystore functionality is provided that  includes the generation, import, and export of keys.   An easy upgrade path is available to the full product.

Why doesn't ArticSoft support  self-extracting EXE files?

Self-extracting EXE files are files are used by some products to send files to recipients who do not have the full product installed.  ArticSoft does not support them because:

  • EXE files are known virus carriers
  • EXE files are normally stopped by firewalls
  • Passwords are used to protect EXE files, making them extremely vulnerable to hacker, dictionary, and brute force attacks
  • Self-extracting EXE files contain the engine that is required to unprotect and verify the files as well as the files themselves.  They  therefore add a significant overhead (increase in file size) to the files you send.



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Free PGP decryption - Articsoft Open PGP Free Reader to decrypt PGP files