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FileAssurity Lite Open PGP File Encryption - Benefits

Encrypt and digitally sign files.   Securely delete files beyond US Government DOD standards.  

If you don't need the feature rich functionality of FileAssurity Open PGP Security but require Open PGP integration at a fraction of the cost of competitor products then FileAssurity Lite Open PGP File Encryption is ideal for you.  

Benefits of using Open PGP File Encryption

  • Your valuable information is always protected, others cannot view it, and it cannot be stolen over the Internet
  • Information can be shared securely with others
  • No compatibility problems - works with any  email application that you or your recipients are using
  • Verification of the sender of information ensures you are not being spoofed by a third party
  • Absolute assurity that the information you send or receive has not been modified in transit
  • Total assurance that files cannot be altered without your knowledge
  • Prove documents were authorized, who authorized them and when
  • You are compliant with all current privacy and data protection legislation
  • You are protected against virus attacks and the newest blended email threats
  • You can work immediately with any OpenPGP user - the biggest community in the world - with no additional effort
  • Smaller files are sent over the Internet because they are always compressed before file encryption
  • Others cannot recover sensitive files once you have deleted them
  • Future proof technology and complete compatiblity with other applications
  • No need to purchase encryption keys or digital certificates so save yourself some money !
  • In-built key manager - securely manage yours and others keys
  • Automated checking of certificates against root keys - we do all the hard work for you
  • No need to stick with us if you don't want to as you can use any OpenPGP product to read our files and keys
  • Easy to use file encryption - little user training required
  • Reassurance that the encryption is approved by the US Government
  • You have control over your security



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Benefits of PGP file encryption - file encryption and secure file deletion