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FileAssurity Lite Open PGP Encryption - Screenshots

Simple to use PGP compatible file encryption software.   Securely delete your files beyond US Government DOD standards.   Send and receive PGP files without the complexity and cost of using PGP.

Simple to use file explorer GUI

Select a single file, multiple files, or a folder, then choose who you want to encrypt them for by selecting their names from the 'Encrypt For'pull-down list box.   Choose whether you want to digitally sign and email them.

pgp encryption

File Decryption and Auditing

Decrypting a file is a simple matter of double-clicking on it or highlighting it and pressing the 'Unprotect'button.   FileAssurity Open PGP File Encryption displays an audit log for each file you unprotect giving you information about the security properties of the file and where the unprotected file has been saved to.

pgp file encryption

Secure Email Attachments

If you select the email checkbox when encrypting and/or digitally signing files then once they have been protected, your default MAPI email client is opened and the secured files are attached to an email message.   The email address is automatically filled in for you.   All you have to do is type in the message Subject and any message text.

pgp secure email

Secure File Deletion

By right-clicking on files and selecting 'Secure Delete'files are automatically deleted (on confirmation) beyond US Government DOD standards.

file deletion

Key Manager

This is a secure store for your encryption and digital signing keys and other people's encryption keys.  

The Authorities tab is unique to ArticSoft - you never have to import a root certificate to verify a certificate signed by a Certificate Authority as they are already contained in your keystore and are checked automatically for you.

pgp key manager



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