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FileAssurity Open PGP Enterprise

Manage FileAssurity Open PGP clients across the enterprise

FileAssurity Open PGP Enterprise provides corporations with essential management tools for deploying and managing large numbers of FileAssurity Open PGP Security clients across the enterprise.   Operate your own Certificate Authority, control the use of encryption and digital signature services by users in your organization, prevent secure deletion of files, recover encrypted information (under proper authority), provide true group encryption and revocate users when necessary.

FileAssurity Open PGP Enterprise comprises of the administrator application (Central Manager) and a managed client version of FileAssurity Open PGP Security.

pgp enterprise

PKI Security without the implementation nightmares

FileAssurity Open PGP Enterprise  is an evolutionary solution that takes the PGP and PKI concepts a stage further.   It enables  even the smallest enterprise to get into the PKI space without the horrendous costs associated with  PKI.   It adds a new dimension to delivering real results and benefits from information security using public key technologies, without the cost and pain of PKI.

You can operate your own Certification Authority (CA), just like any other mission critical service (accounts, document management, etc.).   You can purchase a key pair from a publicly recognized authority, and use that as the root of your  system (RA - a root authority), or you  can  generate your own in FileAssurity Open PGP Enterprise.   You can mix and match between the original PGP structure and the X.509 based PKI approach depending on what you feel comfortable with.   FileAssurity Open PGP Enterprise works simultaneously and interoperates securely  with both structures.

Open PGP Enterprise Features

  • Central deployment of FileAssurity Open PGP Security managed clients
  • Simple online user revocation (no need for LDAP / complex directories)
  • Policy rules - impose policy on the fly and control users use of :
    • Encryption and  digital signing of information, secure file deletion
    • Import, export, generation and deletion of keys
    • Keystore password change
    • When users  must connect to the database (enforcement of updates)
  • Key recovery (administrator and user keystore passwords)
  • Information recovery (files and message text)
  • Secure data recovery (requires the presence of 2 administrators to recover data)
  • Increase key pair life without further charge
  • Re-issuement of keystores (for adding new keys, policy changes, etc.)
  • Roaming to unlimited locations (computers) without loss of security
  • Generic keys can be used to communicate securely with the enterprise
  • Generate keys that allow  internal groups to share encrypted information
  • Issue keys to outsiders without attracting any liability to the enterprise
  • Chain back to a publicly recognized authority if required
  • Works with any SQL compliant database



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PGP enterprise - centrally manage pgp security and data recovery