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FileAssurity Open PGP Enterprise - FAQs

Determine what users in your organization can encrypt, digitally sign, and securely delete files.   Securely recover data (files and secure message text), revocate users, and create your own Certificate Authority - all from one easy-to-use application.

What other software do I need to install to run FileAssurity Open PGP Enterprise?

You need to install an SQL compliant database.   This does not come as part of the package.   You might want to consider purchasing MySQL, an open source database that is very popular and cost effective (depending on whether you want to purchase Classic or Pro - the Pro version has crash recovery features which is recommended but FileAssurity Open PGP Enterprise will run with either version).

Everything else is included.   The central administration application comes as part of the package along with the managed client  version of FileAssurity Open PGP Security.

How do the client PCs register - do they have to do this via the ArticSoft web site?

Centrally managed clients are given their own license file allowing them to register internally (to your internal database). The only product you have to register via the ArticSoft web site is the main central administration program.

Can I centrally manage the standard FileAssurity Open PGP Security client?

No.    You have to purchase the managed client as this contains extra functionality that allows it to communicate with the central database.   The non-centrally managed client will not work with FileAssurity Open PGP Enterprise.

How do I recover an encrypted file?

The recovery procedure  must be authorized by two separate administrators before files can be recovered.   Once you have authorized use of the recovery system (each administrator has to log onto the system)  then file decryption and signature verification is just the same as with the client.   Recovery of information can only be performed using  the FileAssurity Open PGP Enterprise program.

How does user revocation work?

FileAssurity Open PGP Enterprise uses the SQL database commands to remove the entry for that user.   Every user has a policy setting (set by the administrator) that requires them to contact the central database within a specified period of time.   If they cannot contact the database the client will not run.   If they contact the database and their entry is missing the client also will not run.

I want to change user policy settings or bulk add new public keys to user keystores once they have been issued.   How can I do this?

FileAssurity Open PGP Enterprise lets you re-issue user keystores with the new policy rules.   Existing keys can be updated if they have expired and new ones added.   Both manual and batch modes are supported so you can quickly deploy the changes across your enterprise.



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