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FileAssurity Open PGP Command Line - Benefits

FileAssurity Open PGP Command Line is a server based product protecting and sending sensitive files without any user intervention.

Administrators or developers with no knowledge of encryption can easily integrate automated Open PGP encryption, decryption, digital signatures, verification, secure archiving, secure FTP, and secure file deletion into almost any business process without having to do any programming.

Your critical data is always protected, never forgotten or exposed to user errors.

Benefits of using Open PGP Command Line

  • Your critical data is always protected and never exposed or open to user errors
  • Received files can be decrypted using PGP, GnuPGP  or any other OpenPGP compliant software
  • A third of the price of competitor products - e.g. PGP command line
  • More functionality than competitor products - scheduling, auditing, unlimited users and keys, group encryption
  • Encryption, decryption and secure file deletion can occur at set times or when the server is less busy
  • Non-technical staff can automate encryption and digital signature routines using the simple to use GUI
  • Complete record of what files were encrypted, decrypted, digitally signed, securely deleted and verifed - when this occured, who they were encrypted for, etc.
  • Complete end-to-end security. All in one scripts without the need to email or FTP files separately
  • Eliminates the use for expensive leased lines and SSL encryption
  • Prevents unauthorized data access with true end-to-end encryption (data is only ever decrypted when you say)
  • Simplifies the integrating of encryption into applications or batch processes - no SDK required
  • Files can be automatically securely wiped from the system when they are past their retention date
  • Complete setup and forget system - once you have created your scripts they can be scheduled to run automatically ensuring your important data is always protected and not vulnerable to  user error
  • Improved throughput, efficient storage and reduced transfer costs with zip file  compatible compression
  • Works outside of email applications and therefore cannot be attacked by viruses and blended threats
  • High ROI - frees up staff that had previously been manually encrypting and decrypting files and emailing them to others - costs your organization less than $4 a day.



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Benefits of using PGP Command Line for batch encryption