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FileAssurity Open PGP Command Line - Screenshots

FileAssurity Open PGP Command Line is a server based product protecting and sending sensitive files without any user intervention. Administrators or developers with no knowledge of encryption can easily integrate automated Open PGP encryption, decryption, digital signatures, verification, secure archiving, and secure file deletion, into almost any business process without having to do any programming.

Script Editor

Here you can add and edit scripts, test them before going live, and schedule them to run at a later date and time.

pgp command line scripts

Command Editor

This simple to use editor creates command line parameters for you.   You just select the actions you want to occur - whether you want to encrypt and digitally sign files and / or securely delete them.   FileAssurity Open PGP Command Line can retrieve files from a server via FTP (for example to retreive encrypted files for decryption) and upload encrypted files.   Alternatively they can be emailed to single or multiple recipients.

pgp command line encryption

Key Manager

This is a secure store for your encryption and digital signing keys and other people's encryption keys.   The Authorities tab is unique to ArticSoft - you never have to import a root certificate to verify a certificate signed by a Certificate Authority as they are already contained in your keystore and are checked automatically for you.

pgp key manager

Key Manager (Group Keys)

Another feature unique to ArticSoft is the concept of groups.   You can assign users to a group so instead of having to pick multiple recipients when encrypting files you just select a group name - a huge time saver.   Individuals may also be selected as well as groups, ensuring a highly flexible system.

pgp groups


Encryption, decryption, digital signing  and secure file deletion events can be scheduled to occur at a specific date and time, every hour, every x minutes, every day, when the system is idle, etc.   Tasks can be repeated and start and end dates set.

encryption scheduler


FileAssurity Open PGP Command Line audits all actions to a log file(s).   This includes what action occurred, what files were affected, what the results were, when this occurred and when processing finished.   The log file is in .rft format and can be viewed in any Wordprocessor.   Auditing for each event can also be echoed to the screen.

encryption log


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PGP Command Line screenshots - automated PGP encryption