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FileAssurity Open PGP Command Line - Ideas for Use

FileAssurity Open PGP Command Line is a flexible tool allowing you to schedule tasks to be performed that use digital signatures and encryption technology in order to send files, folders or archives to individuals or to groups of people automatically whilst retaining an audit trail of the actions that have been taken.

It can be linked into existing systems such as work process so that you can automate your security without having to change the way in which your systems currently operate.

Medical records transcription

Clinicians submit their notes (voice, picture, PDA notes) to a central point for shipping to the transcription   agency. FileAssurity Open PGP Command Line is preset to watch for files becoming available in a folder in the system.   As soon as a file appears it is automatically digitally signed for the medical unit involved and encrypted for the transcription agency.     The initial file can be automatically deleted and the encrypted file automatically placed in another folder ready for transmission by e-mail to the agency or made available for upload to a web site where the agency can download it.

Financial services

A share dealing service needs to send and receive instructions and deal notes with their clients.   All outgoing notes can be scheduled for e-mail transmission to the respective clients and can be digitally signed by the service.   This is done by loading the files into a specified directory and sending a script file to FileAssurity Open PGP Command Line to obey.

Also, clients can encrypt and sign information for the service and send it to a standard e-mail address where the encrypted files are pulled out and stored in a directory.   Scriptor can automatically process those files, and, where they are recognized, decrypt them and place them in a folder ready for internal processing.

Credit agreement processing

A vehicle distributor has a number of agents that are preparing and submitting credit sale agreements for approval by the distributor. These can be digitally signed and encrypted by the agents and sent by e-mail to the distributor.   There FileAssurity Open PGP Command Line can automatically process the attached files, placing them in a central directory for access by the credit approvals department.

Online banking statements

Customers can receive signed and encrypted statements from their bank.   Customers public keys (whether obtained from the bank or given to the bank) can be loaded into FileAssurity Open PGP Command Line.   The bank is able to associate the bank's internal identifier (account number) with the certificate, and thus is able to encrypt and digitally sign information uniquely for each customer using   FileAssurity Open PGP Command Line.



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Ideas using PGP Command Line for automated PGP encryption