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PGP Desktop vs FileAssurity Open PGP


FileAssurity OpenPGP costs nearly a third less than PGP Desktop Professional.   Pricing is for a perpetual license.

FileAssurity Open PGP Security$90$50 per year (unlimited requests)
PGP Desktop Professional 10.0$239$57 per incident
FileAssurity Open PGP Encryption$65$50 per year (unlimited requests)
PGP Desktop Home 10.0$99$57 per incident


PGP Desktop
Secure file and folder encryption

file encryption

folder encryption

Secure archives (.zip files)

secure archives

digital signatures

Strong AES 256 bit encryption (FIPS pub 197)

aes encryption

aes 256 bit encryption

Secure file deletion (US Gov DOD standards)

secure deletion

digital signatures

Secure email attachments and message text
Support all email clients - MAPI (Lotus, Outlook, Outlook Express, Novell,  Eudora, etc. and  web based email 

secure email

email encryption

Secure text editor

secure text

text encryption

Trusted Authorities - no need to import root certificates in order to verify keys signed by a Certificate Authority

certificate authorities

pgp chain

Digital signing of files - RSA 2048 bit

digital signing

digital signatures

Cross platform file protection support

pgp encryption

open pgp encryption

Supports industry standard certificate formats
x.509, .cer, .p7b, .pem, .p12, .pfx, .asc, .pgp, .gpg

pgp files

gpg files .p7b and .cer not supported

Supports industry standard file formats
.asc, .pgp, .gpg, .zip

asc files


Key Manager - import, export, generate, backup and  restore keys, change keystore password



Certificate / key generation - OpenPGP and X.509



Group support (can allocate users into groups for easy selection)


group encryption

digital signatures only by integration with active directory or  Exchange

Full Disk Encryption / volume encryption

pgp chain

x.509 Win XP only

Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista

pgp winxp

pgp windows xp XP / Vista only

Free Reader (decryption / verification of files)

file decryption

x.509 non commercial use only


FileAssurity Open PGP software

pgp and PKI encryption

SC Magazine - Group Test Encryption - Recommend Award

" A competent file encryption system that supports PKI in an open and easy-to-use manner"

pgp desktop   Five star rating for features and value for money

" FileAssurity Open PGP is a step in the right direction putting simplified PKI into the hands of end-users" - Mike Bobbitt, Information Security Magazine

" FileAssurity is a powerful and easy-to-use program for encrypting and protecting your data - perfect for offices that need to keep important documents secure" -  Bruce Stewart, CNET / ZDNET

PGP Desktop Software

" PGP is complicated and difficult to use" -  Bruce Stewart, CNET / ZDNET

" PGP's learning curve is steep, and you're left wondering whether encryption has to be this confusing!" - Kyle MacRae, Computeractive

NOTE:   PGP is the registered trademark of Symantec  .


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PGP Desktop vs FileAssurity Open PGP - PGP Desktop security software comparison