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FileAssurity Open PGP Security - Screenshots

FileAssurity Open PGP Security brings you the advantages of using the world's most recognized encryption standard: OpenPGP - without the complexities associated with such products.   Full PGP and PKI interoperability - share information securely with PGP, OpenPGP and PKI users.

System Tray Options

Just right-click on the icon in the system tray to Logon and Logoff to FileAssurity OpenPGP, modify default file settings, and manage your keys.   The Secure Text Editor can also be invoked from here.

pgp system tray

Windows Explorer Options

Just right-click on a file, multiple files or a folder and select 'Protect' to bring up the menu bar below in order to encrypt, digitally sign, archive  and email files. By selecting 'Secure Delete'files are automatically deleted (on confirmation) beyond US Government standards.

pgp encryption

Protection Options

Choose who you want to encrypt files for by selecting their names from the 'Encrypt For' pull-down list box.   Choose whether you want to digitally sign them, archive, and email them.   If the 'e-mail' checkbox is selected you also have the option of sending the recipients a secure message note to accompany the attached files.

pgp protection

Secure Email

Your secure message text is automatically inserted into the message body, the encrypted and/or digitally signed files are attached, and the email address is automatically filled in for you.   All you have to do is type in the message Subject.

pgp secure email

Secure Text Editor

Just type your text in the secure text editor, choose who you want to encrypt it for, whether or not you want to digitally sign it, and press the Protect button.

When receiving secure text you just copy it from the application you have received it in and press the Unprotect button in the secure text editor - your text will automatically be copied from the clipboard, decrypted and verified, and placed in the secure text editor ready to read.

pgp encrypted text

Key Manager

This is a secure store for your encryption and digital signing keys and other people's encryption keys.

The Authorities tab is unique to ArticSoft - you never have to import a root certificate to verify a certificate signed by a Certificate Authority as they are already contained in your keystore and are checked automatically for you.

pgp key manager

Key Manager (Group Keys)

Another feature unique to ArticSoft is the concept of groups.   You can assign users to a group so instead of having to pick multiple recipients when encrypting files you just select a group name - a huge time saver.   Individuals may also be selected as well as groups, ensuring a highly flexible system.

pgp groups

Default Settings

This is where you tell FileAssurity Open PGP Security what you want it to do when you select files for encryption and digital signing (protect options) and decryption and verification (unprotect options).

digital signing

Audit Log

FileAssurity Open PGP Security always shows you a log file when decrypting and verifying files.   The log file can be opened in your browser and saved to disk.

encryption log

FileAssurity Open PGP GUI

For those organizations that prevent users from right-clicking on the desktop, FileAssurity Open PGP Security has it's own GUI that replaces Windows Explorer for encrypting, decrypting, digital signing, verifying and securely deleting files.   The image below shows a secure archive file (secure zip file) and it's contents.

pgp archive



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PGP security screenshots - PGP file and email encryption