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FileAssurity Open PGP Security - Technical Information

FileAssurity Open PGP Security brings you the advantages of using the world's most recognized encryption standard: OpenPGP - without the complexities associated with such products.   Full PGP and PKI interoperability - share information securely with PGP, OpenPGP and PKI users.

File Types supported

Any type of file can be protected and securely deleted regardless of the file extension

Applications supported

The secure sending of message text and attachments works with any email and instant messaging application

Open Standards

Based on OpenPGP (PGP, GnuPGP, etc.) and PKI standards it provides complete integration with existing systems and ensures you are not locked into any proprietary and incompatible technology.

OpenPGP Compatibility

  • PGP versions 5.x and above
  • GnuPGP v1.2.3 +
  • Any OpenPGP compliant application

Operating Systems supported

  • Windows XP Professional (SP1 and above)
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 2003, 2008, 2012

Server Requirements  (minimum spec)

  • Pentium V Processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 30MB of free disk space

Encryption Algorithms

  • AES.    Key strength 256 bit (FIPS Pub 197)
  • CAST, 3DES and TwoFish are supported for PGP v5.x and PGP v6.x compatibility

Digital Signature Algorithms

  • RSA.   Key strength 2048-4096 bit
  • DH/DSS.   Key strength 2048-4096/1024 bit
  • Supports any key length greater than 512 bits for imported keys - a minimum  RSA key length of 1024 bits is required for encrypting files

Hashing Algorithms

  • SHA-1.   Key strength 160 bit
  • MD5 128 bit is supported for imported keys

Secure File Deletion

  • Files are deleted beyond US Government DOD standard 5220.22-M
  • FileAssurity Open PGP Security performs 15 write and wipe operations  to ensure your files cannot be recovered
  • Additional measures are used to prevent dedicated file restoration programs recovering your files

Digital Certificate formats supported

  • .P7B (PKCS#7)
  • .PEM
  • .CER (DER & Base 64)
  • .P12   (PKCS#12)
  • .PFX
  • X.509 v2
  • X.509 v3
  • .ASC (OpenPGP RFC 2440)
  • .PKR (PGP public keyring)

FileAssurity Open PGP Security supports any Certificate Authorities (CAs) that export their certificates in any of these formats - Verisign, DST, Microsoft, etc.   The majority of CAs offer .P12 format.

You can generate keys and certificates in  FileAssurity Open PGP Security that are based on the X.509 standard and the OpenPGP RFC 2440 standard.

File Formats supported

  • .PGP
  • .ASC
  • .GPG

FREE Reader Software

Supports the following features:

  • key generation
  • key import
  • key export
  • decryption of files
  • verification of files

Encryption, digital signing, and secure file deletion is not supported.



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PGP Security technical information for OpenPGP encryption