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FileAssurity Open PGP Security - Benefits

FileAssurity Open PGP Security brings you the advantages of using the world's most recognized encryption standard: OpenPGP - without the complexities associated with such products.   Full PGP and PKI interoperability - share information securely with PGP, OpenPGP and PKI users.  

" Wonderful in its simple efficiency"   - eWeek.

Benefits of using Open PGP Security

  • Your valuable information is always protected, others cannot view it, and it cannot be stolen over the Internet
  • Information can be shared securely with others including groups of users and company departments
  • You can be certain who email is from and who it is for
  • No compatibility problems - works with any  email application that you or your recipients are using
  • Verification of the sender of information ensures you are not being spoofed by a third party
  • Absolute assurity that the information you send or receive has not been modified in transit
  • Total assurance that files cannot be altered without your knowledge
  • Prove documents were authorized, who authorized them, and when
  • You are compliant with all current privacy and data protection legislation
  • You are protected against virus attacks and the newest blended email threats
  • Your secure mail and text cannot be infiltrated by hackers or infected and mis-used by email attacks
  • You can work immediately with any OpenPGP user - the biggest community in the world - with no additional effort
  • Smaller files are sent over the Internet because they are always compressed before encryption
  • Secure text can be used in any application
  • Others cannot recover sensitive files once you have deleted them
  • Future proof technology and complete compatiblity with other applications
  • No need to purchase keys or certificates so save yourself some money !
  • In-built key manager - securely manage yours and others keys
  • Automated checking of certificates against root keys - we do all the hard work for you
  • No need to stick with us if you don't want to as you can use any OpenPGP product to read our files and keys
  • Little user training required
  • Reassurance that the encryption is approved by the US Government
  • You have control over your security

" The encryption and authentication is simple to use at both the sender and recipient end. The fact that the system uses a separate reader application makes it potentially more secure than simply sending all files as self-extracting archives. PGP aspects are usable and useful and the product is inexpensive" .  TechWorld.



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