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FileAssurity Open PGP - File Security FAQs

FileAssurity Open PGP File Security brings you the advantages of using the world's most recognized encryption standard: OpenPGP - without the complexities associated with such file security products.   Full PGP and PKI interoperability - share information securely with PGP, OpenPGP and PKI users.

" FileAssurity is a powerful and easy-to-use program for encrypting and protecting your data - perfect for offices that need to keep important documents secure" .   CNET / ZDNET

My company has mandated PGP.   Can I use your file security product instead?

Yes.   FileAssurity OpenPGP File Security is fully compliant with the OpenPGP standard made by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) so you will have no problems interoperating with other users whilst having an easy to use product that also allows you to work with the PKI world.   FileAssurity Open PGP File Security interoperates with any OpenPGP product including PGP v5.x + and GnuPGP v1.2.3 +.

Is FileAssurity Open PGP File Security a proprietary PKI application or does it work with any PKI provider?

FileAssurity Open PGP File Security works with any PKI provider that supplies it's certificates in the following formats - .P7B (PKCS#7), .CER, .P12 (PKCS#12), .PFX, .PEM, X.509.   The majority of CAs offer .P12 format - Verisign, DST, Microsoft, etc. In addition, just like PGP, FileAssurity Open PGP Security lets you generate your own keys.

You can generate keys and certificates in  FileAssurity Open PGP Security that are based on the X.509 standard and the OpenPGP RFC 2440 standard.

Does the person I am sending encrypted / digitally signed files or archives to have to be running the same version of Windows?

No.   It does not matter what version of Windows the sender or recipient are running - they do not have to be the same.   For example, the sender could be running Windows 98 and the recipient Windows NT.

Can secure zip files  (archives) be opened by WinZip or a similar application?

Yes.   FileAssurity Open PGP File Security generates .zip compliant archive files.   The contents of the archive can be extracted  using any zip compatible application although an OpenPGP compliant product (or our FileAssurity Open PGP reader software) is required to decrypt the extracted files.

Does the person I am sending encrypted / digitally signed files or archives to have to have a full copy of FileAssurity OpenPGP installed on their PC?

No.   FileAssurity Open PGP Reader decrypts and verifies all files for which the user has keys.   Anyone can download FileAssurity Open PGP Reader and use it without charge.   They are not able to encrypt and sign files with this version of the product.   See FileAssurity Open PGP reader software.

Can I encrypt / digitally sign Files directly in my application (for example, MS Word)?

No.   You must encrypt / digitally sign files using FileAssurity Open PGP File Security.   Once files are protected you can send them using any email or IM (Instant Messaging) application.

How does the digital signature and document authorization process work?

See FileAssurity Open PGP File Security Digital Signature FAQs



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PGP file security FAQs - open pgp and openpgp encryption